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Monday, November 30, 2009

I Heart Faces- Tooshie Challenge (Week 47)

This weeks challenge was the opposite of what i heart faces is normally looking for, TOOSHIES! Who doesn't get tooshie shots? Especially with toddlers! This little girl was so active and was in love with the surroundings, so I just snapped and ran along beside her.

I love the vibrance of the yellow leaves and the hint of sun coming in from the left. I added a few textures here and did some slight cross-processing.

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Monday, November 23, 2009

I Heart Faces- Sun Flare Challenge

My very first entry in the weekly challenges! I was always so scared of the sun, but recently I have started embracing it. Here is my entry for the Sun Flare challenge:

This lovely mommy to be was truely glowing with this captured sunflare, I just love it!

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Friday, November 13, 2009

Fix-It Friday: Nov 13, 2009

It's Friday and you all know what that means! FIT-IT Friday! I am really starting to look forward for every Friday so I can give these pictures a little bit of my pizazz!

So here we go, starting with the original photo. Which I must say was a great photo to work with, the creamy bokeh was just delish! And such a cute subject too...

For starters I went ahead and composed my "original edit", i ran noiseware and adjusted the layers. Popped those gorgeous eyes, masked out the blown white shirt, and warmed it up a bit. I also did a small amount of cropping to get rid of the object on the left part of the photo.

Now on to the fun stuff! I manufactured in some sun/lens flare, which I am really digging these days. I also did some cross processing to get a retro/vintage look, making sure to mask out those beautiful eyes.

Then for just one additional step, I changed the cross-processed image to B&W and added a soft overlay. The soft B&Ws are something else i'm really into these days! I of course masked out the eyes to keep those sharp.

Hope you enjoy! I do all of my editing with PS CS3.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Fix-It Friday: Nov 06, 2009

It's Friday again and I am so glad to have finished my second round of "Fix It Friday" with I heart faces!

This is the original:

This is my "original" edit:

This is my take on a b&w with a soft overlay:

Last week I put all of my steps and I would really love to do that again, but my two year old has other plans for me at the moment. So I must post and run!