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Friday, October 30, 2009

Fix-It Friday: Oct 30, 2009

I have recently joined the world of "I heart Faces" and I just love it there. This is my first ever post of any kind for them. Fix-it friday consists of a member posting an image and everyone taking their turn at, well, fixing it! This weeks entry was in the spirit of halloween and what a cute little subject we all had to work with.

This was the original:

This is my edit:

The program I use is PS CS3. I ran my noiseware, ran boutwell's magic glasses, tinkered with the adjustment layers, added a duplicate layer on multiply with a layer mask (inverted the mask) and painted on the blown spots on her face with black at 18% opacity. Then I adjusted the opacity of the layer to make it look natural. I still had some blown spots, so I added another layer and grabbed a color from a non-blown spot on her cheek and painted over the blown spots. Adjusting the layer's opacity to taste. I added another duplicate layer and cloned out the yellow spot on her elbow and the bruises. Then I ran coffeeshops powder-room to pop the eyes and smooth the skin. The picture was very cool, so I warmed it up a bit. Then I added a light pink wash. I then added a gausian blur to the background, playing with the settings until I got the look I wanted. Cropped to my liking. Sharpened the edges, then resized and sharpened for web.

I hope you enjoyed my very first fix-it friday!! And let me know what you think! Hopefully some of my little hints can help someone else out.


  1. Great edit. I love that you added all the steps you took in editing!

  2. I love it. I think your use of multiply did the trick. And welcome to the I ♥ faces world. This was my first week doing it too!

  3. that was really nice... I keep hearing about the Gausian Blur, but have no idea what that is.

    Time for me to learn about something new! (which is just another reason I love FIFridays!)